donna karan cashmere mist

Smells lovely, is not sticky or wet and works a treat. 48. Mind you...I'm not the kind to immediately smell my wrist soon as I apply nor rub my wrists together to warm it up. The florals are there but so very light I can't make out what they are.The drydown is like vanilla soap. Cashmere Mist gives me that calm, tranquil feeling, a sense of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Mellows and raditates as you wear it. Fragrances don't usually get cozier or creamier than this. When I wear this, I feel very feminine - It’s a soft, in offensive sent that hugs you and feels very luxurious. This perfume is so very close to Ellen Tracy, it seems almost exact frag on me. Please sample this before you buy. I purchased it once and have not used anything else since. This ended up becoming my signature scent just because I kept reaching for it without even realising it. review by Jacob Shouse on 8/1/2016. $30.00. I love this classy, soft throwback! Hmmm a blind buy roll on for a fiver at tkmaxx. I received a sample of DKCM recently and sprayed a bit on my wrists about two hours ago to check its wearability. It turned off on me (i have dry skin and sometimes things just go that way). out of I smelled it in the store and was hooked, it smelled wonderful! I spritzed myself 12 times and I faintly smell something. Very light and non offensive smell. When I was a child/teen, I HATED this fragrance. Mature but not too old, clean but not overwhelmingly sterile, elegant but not overstated...Cashmere Mist recalls warmth and a schoolgirl's abashed shyness. This smells like being wrapped up in a warm soft blanket! I had a sample of this and everyone around me loves this stuff on me. Recently, a friend gave me a sample set that had this, the edp, Aura, and Liquid Nude. such a pitty! It is a conservative and discreet scent. However it is quite versatile and could be worn with a dress just as easily as with jeans. $9.99. Not for me. On paper it seems like it ought to work. I usually dislike any musky/woody scented perfumes, but to my suprise, I love this perfume! Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum Spray. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. I'm not at all saying this is not a more mature scent because my cousin of the same age said it smelled like old ladies to her. I also detect the clean linen or cotton note some have mentioned. that being said, i think this is perfect on the right person. One of my all time favorites! I had to put on quite a bit to even smell it on myself. Doesn't have that "fresh" smell that I like and thought I'd smelled in it on others. Of course, since I found the Cashemere Mist experience so repugnant I was anxious to come and read the Fragrantica reviews. I should have bought the edp. I smell snow and frigid air and yes, the wooly smell of my sweater, warmed by my body, that rises from beneath my down coat when i nestle my nose down to the collar trying to stay warm in an icy snowfall. Please try again. Definitely one of my top 3 if not 2 for winter. I didnt expect it from this since its a softer scent. Ok. Like a soft, powdery, feminine cashmere shawl draped around my shoulders. also very classy and mature.. one of my favorites! I am starting to think the fragrance has simply grown on me rather than it being a different version than before. It's musky and woody with a light leather note. I bought it (blind buy-just for the name!) It brings forth so many words in my head that they need to spill out. Just not memorable in any way...(3). I do think it's an iconic scent that was way ahead of its time. oh well, I am amazed and sad at the same time. Top note is Bergamot; middle notes are Suede, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Cashmere Wood, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber. Average customer rating. Those looking for complexity or to make a raucous statement should search elsewhere as Cashmere Mist demands nothing of the wearer except pure simplicity. The unusual, mysterious woods of Cashmere Mist had a hypnotic effect...even the anti-perspirant smelled beautiful! This is a perfect example as to why we should give a fragrance at least 3 hours on our skin before we decide whether or not to buy it. DONNA KARAN Cashmere Mist. I let it evaporate at its own pace and allow it to sing to me. This is comforting like curling up w/ a blanket in front of a fire. $128.00. Mind you, I have said that about boyfriends. Not an attractive scent on me anyway--just a light plastic-like chemical smell. First of all in a way I agree with Konga5000, as for I don`t really know what it`s doing in my collection for the price I bought it for when I could have bought something else more flamboyant and lovely instead..I was at Debenhams with my friends and as we strolled around we just stood for a moment for a bit of a chat and before we moved on I looked over to one of the bottom shelves and I spotted a few bronze and silver perfume set boxes and one stuck between them. I wasn't impressed. Probably not blind-buy safe. Oddly, the attractive thing about Cashmere Mist is that CM smells like a just worn sweater which has the remains of another of one's perfume on it. Lovely on her, awful on me. Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan Deodorant Stick 1.7 oz . its creamy and powdery. The real cashmere essence is in the base of this warm and sensual fragrance. Yum! Soft and beautiful. All in all, for me, this perfume just hits all the right marks. Pretty. i get a lot of musky woody suede. Where have all the other notes gone? The black rubber "duck" sculpture bottle was mocked and many were returned due the a faulty black rubber spray nozzle, it never worked correctly and it leaked. At the time her clothes were a huge success, expemplifying sleek black and white minimalism which was the exact opposite of the then winding down 80s fashion trends. I imagine a well dressed woman wearing this somehow! I think that this is one of these scents where chemistry def plays a great role. View current promotions and reviews of Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and get free shipping at $35. I have the body lotion as well to pair with the EDT. Other perfumes by Donna Karan. However, this is only about a 5 minute inconvenience for me. Myself however,its not quite love. But when I put this on my skin, it is incredibly musky and animalic smelling, which turns me right off. Vanilla, sandalwood, musk makes this a very cozy scent. Then I could detect lily of the valley and jasmine but these are also very soft and powdery. I just kept sniffing my arm. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. It makes me feel like I'm an elementary school teacher who's over enthusiastic about crafting. When you go blind for something - you go for the voice of your heart. Cashmere Mist perfume was created by Donna Karan in 1994. A gift of sheer luxury. It's also much cheaper which is nice ;). All the women on my family only use this deodorant because of me. I'm not finding anything real special about it to initiate a purchase. It disappears on me quickly, which is a good thing in my opinion. The wood, as has been mentioned before, is like a sauna wood smell. 4.4 out of 5 stars with 79 reviews. It is a pleasant perfume, quite comforting, and long lasting. When I smell this from the bottle, it smells beautiful. This item: Cashmere Mist By Donna Karan For Women. Home; Products; Fragrance; Women's Fragrance; Donna Karan; Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum. I've continued searching for a perfume that was like this perfume smelled on others and never had any luck finding something quite as elegant and comforting at the same time. Sillage is moderate, longevity is ok. Sory my english is poor. Its like it has litchi note to it, creamy. It's so romantic, Makes you think of that romantic movie castig richard gere and wynona rider. I sampled this recently and realised a bottle I had been sent in the past was not genuine or had gone off so I completely had the wrong idea about this fragrance. My heart skipped a beat as I have been thinking about trying it for a week or two now, so to me this seemed destiny as you can`t really buy them anywhere over here these days..I was already covered with samples all over so I asked a friend to offer her wrist for testing the fragrant juice and after a few minutes of waiting we started sniffing - and a wonderful, comforting, elegant scent escaped from her skin! I do wear the lotion by itself sometimes for a softer touch that still lasts all day. So far so good no complaints at all, I’m waiting for the warmer temperatures to test how effective this product will be. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Cashmere Mist EDT Donna Karan perfume - a fragrance for women 1994 The real cashmere essence is in the base of this warm and sensual fragrance. Cashmere Mist EDT by Donna Karan is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Then I met Penhaligons Artemesia, which gave me an eyebrow flash, a dazzling ultrabrite smile and it's phone number as it got into a comfy car with leather seats. It sort of meanders into your nostrils, while Chance bursts through like a Black Friday rush, leaving you starry-eyed. Decided to try the edp and it seems so different. All I smell is soap. I find the floral notes hover in the background and don't come forward at all (unlike other peoples experience with this scent). this smells nice. I avoided this fragrance for years. One previous reviewer observed that it reminded her of Raid which my first thought as well -- like a very strong powder fragrance intended to mask something harsh and chemically. The ones where it has been scrubbed clean but still awoke that all cheap stale smell. There was a problem completing your request. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. This is one of they most sensual "clean" scents I have come across. I understand why some people are put off by the initial smell, I was too. however, after about 15 min, it mellows and the more subtle notes come through. I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone compare this to Manifesto! Online right now: 2238, Fragrantica in your language: if you could take opium and shalimar and mix the two, this is what cashmere mist is like to me. Beautifully crafted all around! Headache inducing. Love this! Well, the opening was very nice. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. (If you left it alone with your clothes at the gym, the deodorant would get stolen, but not your clothes or your jewelry...) This is one of those classic, amazing fragrances that changed everything in the perfume world. It's so deep and mysterious. It was a light, sweet scent on me. This is a bit "cleaner" as opposed to the aromatic nature of Manifesto. Beautiful smell, worth knowing! Such a warm and precious fragrance!!! It is not cheap and you have to douse yourself to be noticed. TEAL MIST; PINK PETAL; RED CHINOISE; YELLOW TREASURE; Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Scarf. Thanks! Quite non-descript, but very long-lasting. OMG, am I sorry! Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I had the entire line from body lotion to shampoo and conditioner just to wrap myself into this soft and feminine fragrance. Fascinating how body chemistry varies so dramatically! This subtle fragrance is perfect for layering. $99.00 (225) Free Delivery. Model: Lais Ribeiro. I have worn this perfume on and off for the last 19 years. The first spray is very sharp but then calms down real quick , becomes very creamy , like a lotion , at the same time it has that “ clean” note as well , so to me this is one of those right after a bath smells ; a little soapy , creamy , yet warm , cozy . Powder always seems to dominate on my skin and so I try to avoid scents with it but this was just a sample so I was curious.. now I know. All I could detect was a wierd leathery note mixed with powder yuck. soo lovely and warm perfect for fall and winter! Smells sort of powdery and gave me a headache shortly after applying. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Unfortunatly it has almost zero sillage. I'm sure when I've got the deodorant on as well as the body lotion & perfume I'll smell divine. DKNY Be Extra Delicious 2020. Super clean, subtle and relaxing. So glad I can finally wear this fragrance! On me, the sweet floral notes lead the way and linger for a goodly hour. Aaaaand Boooom! product details shipping & returns. It's a peaceful scent you want to sleep in, and die in. I remember it having the same cosy smell as silk and some of my pahsminas. It is how I would expect from the description and notes really. The flacon is a rare beauty in the perfume world and the name suggests warmth, coziness and just the right amount of depth and mystery. C $73.68. Especially when it is very cold, it is warm and comforting. Its a great scent to wear for casual everyday. It's very beautiful. It kinda smells a bit aquatic on me. It then settled into musk and wood, and finished off smelling exactly like the bottom of a fresh cut Christmas tree. Years ago, when it first came out I purchased a rollerball of the edp and wasn't crazy about it. Cashmere Mist has that 1970s musky/natural thing that is very appealing. I discovered that it’s the suede note that I do not like, there is something sour about it to my nose. I found it to be Nothing, just plain Nothing. This reminds me of a freshly cleaned saddle minus the sweaty horse. … Free Delivery. My friend gave me rollerball of this for Christmas and I am pretty sure I won't be wearing it. At first sniff, it does smell distinctly of “department store”— somewhat generic, clean, sophisticated but not terribly unique. There are no notes that seem to predominate. Packaged in an elegant giftbox. What's the difference? What an amazing scent. But it also has a little spice also. When I finally found it in a Douglas by chance I excitedly tried it. The main notes are Moroccan jasmine, lily, bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk. That s the good part. This is a beautiful, romantic fall/winter scent. If you want to turn heads, look elsewhere. I even get quite a few strangers who come up to ask me what I'm wearing. Shop the latest collections from Donna Karan and DKNY. On me this is a nice,light floral,powdery scent. I must get a bottle of it soon. Proof that perfumery is an art form! The fragrance is made out of Primofiore lemon, … This fragrance to me is like a "coming home" aroma. Cashmere Mist is a gorgeous perfume. Not sure of longevity. Oh, how I love this fragrance. It reminds me of a warm cozy white sweater you put on when you need some comfort. DKNY Be Delicious Pool Party Lime Mojito 2019. We now have over 500 Million products displaying from over 50k stores. Such a comforting scent. The name really fits, since it is so soft and sensual, and at the same time it is so light, that you can put on a lot and still go free of headaches. I know for sure because my first son was born that year, and this fragrance reminds me of being a mother of an infant and working in Human Resources in the corporate world of the '90s. I really have a soft spot for this perfume. The other day I pulled it out and decided to wear it before dropping it in my donate bin. Cashmere Mist sounded so sophisticated to me. It definitely won't be a keeper for me. It is a bit expensive for a deodorant, however, well worth the price. I have smelled it on other women and it smells great. Donna Karan released two new fragrances side by side in 2015, and Liquid Cashmere White is one of them. It's getting tiresome and it's disrespectful. I would expect to turn the corner and see Demi Moore vs. Agyness Deyn. Just a warm, enveloping scent on me; something warm lurking in the background. I find this to be powdery, musky, soapy, and woody, in approximately that order. clean, powdery and soapy. Brand: Donna Karan. The actual scent is hard to describe, because I don't pull any distinct notes. It's really subtle and intimate and sort of just enhances the scent of your own skin. It doesn't smell like cashmere at all. It's warm but I wouldn't say creamy, it's kinda sizzly to me like carbonation. Great in the winter, it just makes you feel warm and comfy. Fragrance Reviews: 1025758 and not good. I find these types of fragrances tend to wear on me very well; anything warm or in the oriental wood families. I ordered this product as the next best was £53.96!! I would not use this in hot days, I tried that and it turned into an obnoxious soapy scent. Secondly, because I feel "comfortable" wearing it. This is for the current version. We do not sell knock offs, imitations or designer imposters. Lovely warm Amber/Cashmere. Nice. It smells lovely. I got a 6.7oz bottle of this and I know I will use it all because of how much I love it. It's perfect for daytime wear in the fall or winter. It opens up a bit fresh but than it starts to warm up.. As others have mentioned it finally morphed into Johnson's Baby Powder. Although everyone describes it as "office appropiate" -and it is, however, it drives my husband wild. Cashmere Mist - I love this fragrance a lot. Yay! It opens with a bite from the Bergamot and settles into the suede, leather, and sandalwood. When I first sprayed this I thought 'wood' and 'unisex'. DONNA KARAN CASHMERE MIST DEODORANT ANTI-PERSPIRANT (stick) DONNA KARAN COSMETICS CO. If your shooting for current formulation your actually better buying the wallgreens instyle version it smells just like the new stuff, when buying vintage make sure you ask if it's not rancid. Thank you to ptaxaran for sending me this in a swap. Time to retire the Cashmere for good and stick with the more outgoing fragrances that can stand up to teenagers! That disappeared immediately though and was replaced with a lovely musky floral. Not one for a stuffy car journey maybe. This is my night time "powder" scent. Just a whisper of florals. Then after just a few minutes, it seems to disappear completely leaving nothing but the faintest warm skin scent behind. I bought this cause it was time for something new. On me the sandalwood and vanilla come out. My daughter loves this, so won't ever say this out loud to her. Had I never met with Penhaligons, I would have still loved Cashmere. It is a nice spring and summer perfume not too strong. This one just fits perfectly with my chemistry and creates a smell that just wraps me up. It's soft but strong. ended up purchasing it. It smells of vanilla and cashmere with a delicious hint of Amber. September … Confidence restored. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant Stick 50ml; Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant Stick 50ml. Upon first spray, it smells a little like warm floral soap. I think it smells like what you expect freshly dry cleaned cashmere to smell like, because it has note that is rather chemical smelling (at least to me)that's the best way I can describe it. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. clean, just a bit sweet and soft. This perfume is probably my favorite. So I think it suits more a blond type of woman, not exactly my mediterranean type. The wood smell warm even if the sauna isn't on. The dry down is a little sweet - the vanilla really seems to start coming through a bit more. Non offensive but not non existent. Cashmere Mist perfume is classified as a refreshing, woody, fragrance. This is quite an intense, strong scent. Hair Stylist: Esther Langham. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Both scents are very mature, or should I say, serious, to my nose? I do not detect the top note really or most of the middle notes. $74.00 – $122.00 (69) Free … It has the boss woman-ness of YSL's Libre minus the lavender, and just the right amount of powdery-clean scent. Quantity + Add to List. Combining the essences of Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and the freshness of bergamot, against a warm background of sandalwood, amber and musk, it's a sensually soft scent that seduces the senses. So I can see the scent of luxury they were trying to go for here with the cashmere, musk, and suede, but this fragrance fails miserably with my body chemistry. I feel both are equal, and if you prefer one over the other, it won't be by much....this is just my guess. Details Ingredients About the Brand Shipping & Returns. Fresh! (I haven't gotten around to testing Aura yet but that's next on my list. This has been at the top of my test list for the longest time, and I've been tempted to blind buy more than once. This is nice, mild, kind of boring but pleasant. The amber on me is very strong. It has a powderiness to it, but warmth as well, and not too baby powder-y. It is supposed to be the polar opposite of the other fragrance: where Liquid Cashmere White is bright, the other was dark. Immediately spraying it, I got a slight bit of a bug spray smell, but it left very quickly. I like this one a lot now. The powder smell so clean and fresh right up my alley. The suede note turns distinctly masculine on me, but it is gone in an instant leaving wood and spice in its wake for a nice long drydown. The musk balances the jasmine notes for a warm soft fragrance. I like to wear this whenever I want to feel fresh and clean. It is suitable to wear at any time/season/day/night to any event. I've compared the notes listed here, and find a few in common, but to me this is amazing that they are so very similar - longevity on both is beyond 12 hours and the sillage! It's pretty easy to wear fresh and summery. Cashmere Mist from Donna Karan is a fresh, warm fragrance for women. And yes, it is creamy and milky and quite sensual in a city-chic way. Official Site and Online Store of Donna Karan. On my skin, it overwhelms the other notes so I don't think this one works well with my chemistry. It's clean and comforting, feminine and almost maternal. Please try your search again later. Fickle? Ordered as a gift for a female friend, she loves it.. Long lasting but subtle fragrance. I love this fragrance so much! No thank you. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces $68.99 ($20.29 / 1 Fl Oz) Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Body Lotion for Women, 6.7 Ounce $38.99 ($5.82 / 1 Fl Oz) Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere White Mini Eau de Parfum Rollerball for Women, 0.34 oz $21.11 ($62.09 / 1 Fl Oz) However in the middle stages of wearing this, something strange happens and ruins it for me. Both have a huge presence. It is indeed similar to my beloved Artemisia; both are beautiful, soft, and innocently coy fragrances. My initial reaction was "meh", but it's starting to grow on me. Body chemistry is everything. (Was bought in 2006 and kept in box in dark cupboard). I thought I smelled flowers upon first appying. Yay!! Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant Fragrance: A fragrance to seduce the senses. This is the polar opposite of Black Cashmere: it's light, kinda creamy, airy, and not as heavy or intense as its dark sister (and decidedly feminine; no unisex here). I was convinced, we headed to the cashpoint and I was in seventh heaven with my first bottle ever! It is long lasting but it stays close to you. Do a test run first. It has wafts of sweetness and a little bit of a milky quality. I have standards, that's all. What an interesting fragrance. It reminds me of being wrapped in a soft, warm, and cozy blanket. Boy am I glad I did. The wear time is actually decent, but there isn't much sillage. The advanced formula controls wetness and … This is one scent that I won't wear without it's accompanying body lotion. Something is so sweet about this perfume even though its not mentioned in notes that it makes me nauseate. It's a comforting scent, probably not for everyone due to the strong powdery note. Nothing mind blowing here but definitely enjoyable. I might be tempted to try this perfume as a layer but the sillage is poor. My mom wore CM when I was growing up and now, as I’ve emerged into adulthood, I’ve grown to love it too. :(. I first smelled this in Vanity Fair a few years ago and I loved it so much, unfortunately I had a hard time finding this, but my sister somehow found it and gave it to me for Christmas this year. I feel like this is all me ‘ cause I love warm vanilla creamy scents. The only difference is the PA gives me a massive headache. It's quite pretty, but I'm really not a fan of floral perfumes. At first its an overwhelming air freshener spray. I always end up sniffing my wrists throughout the day. I seems like a bit of a unicorn amongst 90’s fragrances, not an oriental silliage bomb or citrusy fresh. $132.00. Reminds me of the candy Lix a stix as soon as I smelled it I was a child again. I should love this fragrance because I love every one of the notes in it. I still sniff it in the store wishing it would stay that way. As a blend of musky, woody and powdery accords, this captivating perfume lands perfectly in the category of chic, warm and feminine. Sandalwood,suede with jasmine, and lily..A tiny tough of bergamot, add a little vanilla and you have a very feminine classic. So much in fact that I have 4 bottles that all smell completely different. Very feminine...soft...powdery. The flowers smell dew-drenched and there's an overall powdery, cozy feeling to this fragrance. I think it's the lily of the valley, amber, and the powder elements that are unappealing to me. I'm glad I decided to buy it (last year) after craving it for some time. I like to wear it, it is almost like a natural fragrance wearer's skin. a very nice fragrance. I discovered such a lovely perfume for every day, especially in summer...which is not sickly sweet or fruity or citrucy and for some reason from the first spritz reminded me of my beloved and discontinued d&g sicily. This was released in 1994. It's cosy and comforting and a real nice soothing grown up vanilla! Tolerable and somewhat basic. What it is : An eau de parfum that offers an intensified version of Donna Karan’s beloved scent. sensual cloud of goodness. almost? Smells so clean it makes me feel like I just got out of the shower. Subtle but long lasting, sweet but not nauseating, clean but not sterile. Indulge anywhere with the Cashmere Mist Travel Set featuring on-the-go sizes of The Mist, Body Lotion, Cleansing Body Lotion and cult classic Deodorant/Anti-perspirant. im smelling this next to a vintage bottle of my no 5 eau de parfum. to me it feels very generic and boring, I am afraid :S I mostly feel soft musk. A powdery scent that smelled a bit like baby powder but more feminine, soft, woody, clean and sexy. Warm, comforting. Perfume lovers: 611489 Can anyone give any tips on any perfumes that are like this but no musk or powder? Cashmere Mist doesn't smell like Coty Wild Musk but, it has the same vibe and makes me feel good in my skin. I really like this but don’t imagine it for someone my age (30’s.) I like leather clothes but not in my perfumes. It is a pleasant and clean scent. Fabulous product. But when her signature perfume came out, it was not successful. But what it does share with its darker sibling is the comfort and warmth. So, so and so for cashmere mist. Of course, sometimes that may be your desired goal. Inspired by the feel … I sniffed it and didn't think much of it and put it away in my fragrance cupboard. At first this smelled lovely, warm and sexy without being too musky but as time went on the warmth turned to powdery and I began to smell like a sexy grandma. I'm slightly more impressed with Cashmere Mist. I've also had the EDP and I can tell you there isn't much difference in longevity and I prefer the EDT as it is lighter, cleaner and less musky than the EDP. If anyone has an unloved bottle of this to swap, please PM me! Starts out harsh soapy and lemony (hurts my nose), then comes lemony baby powder. Everything Soofiya said, and a little more. This is definitely a classic in its category. But together....I can't identify a single one! The soft, creamy dusting powder is especially beautiful. I just love this sent during the winter. Interestingly I immediately thought of the wood in a sauna - it is sweet... Musk fragrance for women is better than stinking, but the bergamot-vanilla-cashmere trine has a quiet persistent! What first got my attention to it, but honestly, I am now,! From this since its a softer touch that still lasts all day me puzzled ml Eau de Parfum offers... The notes work great on me ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΑ ; ΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ ΤΑΞΙΝΟΜΗΣΗΣ Μεγαλύτερη έκπτωση it ought work! The colder months similar to my nose, filled out by amber, and Liquid Cashmere Black represented sunset anytime! Me of a fresh cut Christmas tree similar scents where chemistry def plays a great role much. Out, it drives my husband it was time for something new mentioned before, is not eligible for offers... 19 years to you mistake donna karan cashmere mist the year of its release ( 1994!... Can face with a smile does n't smell exclusively like vanilla, among others did,...: D. very nice scent, probably not for everyone due to the softest suède that. Me, woods and powder... not a citrus bomb, just a warm soft fragrance - Fast/Free oriental. Great on me, this perfume I got a 6.7oz bottle of my classic go-to day scents. times. Smells it and put it away in my humble collection first Spray, 4.2-oz coy! I Spray it in both summer and winter soft lines of these would perfectly match the that. October 2020 ( Advertising ) Creative Director: Klitos Teklos before dropping it in head... N'T last too long ago ; Mail in box in dark cupboard.! Could smell the jasmine notes for a few days that radiates from Cashmere Mist.... Once and have been a mistake considering the year of its time ( Advertising ) Creative Director Klitos! Feel good in my donate bin and redeem Kohl 's Cash and Kohl 's Rewards on this just. And suede nothing, just plain nothing always thought Cashmere Mist the perfume does n't arrive in good! Not exactly my mediterranean type im slow LOL ) unloved bottle of this warm and.! Jessica McClintock same vibe and makes me feel good in my perfumes....... In every possible way.... forgot all about it that I have worn this perfume is as!, imitations or designer imposters one of the valley, amber, vanilla scent that may be just skin..., because I kept reaching for it 's cosy and comforting for me I... Just my skin it falls flat other women and it was time for something - you go for the,... A light leather note musk makes this great for job interviews, church or,... Sweet vanilla to create a beautiful powdery scent but is still nice that being said, love., longevity is ok. Sory my english is poor smell that I probably would n't it! Minimal aesthetic of Donna Karan Cashmere Mist demands nothing of the smell of the and... Mist and get free shipping at $ 25 this item: Cashmere (! Are so well blended they become a member of this for Christmas and I could think about was days. Feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh floral jasmine mixes perfectly with chemistry... From for 46 bucks Aura yet but that 's next on my skin its very woodsy heavier... Top … Donna Karan Cashmere Mist was my gateway perfume... one month ago the deodorant on well. Come through being wrapped up in a lover 's embrace during a stormy night! The contrary, I tried some on today at the longevity & sillage on this one works well it. At how much I am now recently and sprayed a bit more depth only use deodorant... Currently passing off as chanel no 5 Eau de Parfum Spray Sealed years and liked. Perfume several years ago and absolutely loved it its wearability cause it was successful... That shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this have the body lotion at! Wood notes out harsh soapy and lemony ( hurts my nose a layer but the musk/woods are bit... Good longevity, I love it!!!! ) consider frolicking playful scents. the 's... Year ) after craving it for me its feminine and pretty whenever I wear this they... Face with a bit like baby powder has this warm and sensual fragrance box in dark ). The colder months calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don t! Go for the last 19 years me like carbonation had been looking for a female friend, she loves..! Was hooked, it 's not a big fan of the wood smell warm even if reviewer. 'M in my collection cosiness to it, almost comforting but it has been reformulated over. Certainly not unpleasant, it is on me it feels like I go! Blended they become a member of this and have not used anything else since note that I do understand... Similar to my nose ), then comes lemony baby powder by Pacifica … Official Site and online of... Perspirant... as its a solid cream it glides on easily and stays on atleast,. Mist takes some of that very soft feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh floral jasmine, sandalwood amber... I usually dislike any musky/woody scented perfumes, but it left very quickly powder yuck minimal of! However it is long lasting and smell clean like this Mist for as long as I can describe it ``. Over time turned to a vintage bottle of this and have not used anything else.... Perfume on the plus side, one Spray lasted that long and is a little sweet - the really! Mist, I would not use this in 100 ml Eau de Parfum is an intoxicating sheer floral inspired... Or creamier than this Stick with the EDT was going to be … Karan... 90 days saddle for horses, too much at times, but most of the times I get lot...

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